Tony Blair and the Spooky Chilcot Adventure


Its easy to say with hindsight, and it’s very unlikely that Tony Blair would sue a penniless delinquent such as myself, so in many ways I’m untouchable when I suggest it, but his term as Prime Minister has all the hallmarks of a cocaine binge – happy at first – delighted to hang out with the Spice Girls and the Lighthouse Family, but as time goes on you realise that socialising with Steps and Chumbawumba just won’t do it any more, so you try and find bigger and bigger kicks, culminating with the biggest kick of them all: WAR.

Of course, after starting it was quickly realised that war is bad, and a short 6 years later the UK started investigating how exactly they had ended up in Iraq. It took another while for a report to be published, so when it was released this week, out of curiosity we decided to pore through its massive bulk and see if we could discover any interesting insights that have not been yet brought to public attention. Luckily, we were.

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Eamon & The Amazing Easter Adventure of 1916


Every body knows the main story of the Easter Rising of 1916 – that is to say of the events involving Pearse and the proclomation in the GPO. And although most people know the Eamon de Valera was the leader of another group of rebels fighting in Bolands Mill, barely anyone knows why he occupied that building, or of the events that transpired there during that famous week.

Luckily, here at Cat Malojin, whilst recently looking for books of pictures of farm machinery in our local library, we discovered the previously unknown diary of the unnamed security guard who was on duty at the mill during that week, which outlines the events in great detail.

As part of the Easter Rising Centenary celebrations, we are delighted to be able to publish this account word for word now.

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The Cat Malojin 2015 GAA Football All Stars

With the Leitrim Senior County Championship finally being decided last Saturday evening, competitive football ended in Ireland for another year. With that in mind we decided to have a little fun and try to put together our choices for the stand-out performers of this years All-Ireland football championship. Of course one county dominated Gaelic football in 2015, and naturally they also dominate our team of All Stars. Hope you agree with our choices!

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All Ireland Football Championship Qualifiers Round 1B – The Preview

This Saturday hosts the jewel in the crown of Ireland’s sporting calendar – Round 1B of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship Qualifiers. 8 behemoths from all four provinces of the Emerald Isle enter the Thunderdome – only 4 can emerge.

So which sets of warriors will remain standing when the dust settles on the various battle-grounds at sunset on Saturday evening? One thing is for sure, the sun will be setting on the dreams, aspirations and future hopes of 4 counties for another year. In preview of this epic evening, we have completed an in-depth look at all 4 matches.

Death is listening, and will take the first man that screams.

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Exclusive Extracts from Grey by EL James

We were recently approached by Penguin Random House to publish exclusive extracts from the latest entry of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, titled Grey, on the blog. Initially we were reluctant, but upon realising how pathetically threadbare the books section on the website is, we relented.

I must admit that I know very little about the whole 50 Shades thing, and had serious reservations about the literary merit of this book, mainly from reputation of its predecessors. However from the little I have read, I can honestly say that this new book is commendably gritty and realistic. I hope you’ll agree.

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What to expect from the next series of Game of Thrones

The 5th series of the wildly popular fantasy kill fest that is Game of Thrones ended this week, and like a lot of fans I felt a bit shell-shocked as the credits rolled, and I was left with more questions than answers. But unlike most people I quickly got my shit together and formulated answers to those questions, and if anything, now I have more answers than questions. Don’t want to wait a year to find out what happens next? Then, read on friend! Spoilers Ahead! Continue reading “What to expect from the next series of Game of Thrones”