Catmalojin’s Top 5 Jukebox Toonz

There’s nothing like the pressure felt immediately after putting €2 into the jukebox of even a sparsely crowded pub. Unfortunately you soon find out that this jukebox doesnt have the latest Reggae song from the streets of Jamaica that you wanted to put on. You start sweating. ‘Do I know any good songs at all?’, you ask yourself. It turns out you don’t. Luckily CatMalojin are here to help you out, with out with our top 5 tracks guaranteed to get any party started*

* Not a guarantee

5. Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee

I give you country superstar and style icon, Alan Jackson. The man can do no wrong and this is an absolute choon. The only downside to playing this in pubs is you won’t get to witness the video. However I feel his trademark mullet, cowboy hat, moustache, life jacket, slashed jeans and cowboy boots combo is on the verge of making a big comeback. Enjoy.

4. Republic of Loose – Comeback Girl

Possibly the most underrated Irish Band of all time? A personal favourite, with crunchy beats and funkalicious vibes you can do no wrong. Anyone in disagreement? Bounce them out the door.

3. Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl

Jamiroquai. Acid Jazz. Purple Lamborghinis. Nuff said.

2. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson is back and this is funked up!

1. R. Kelly – Ignition

Honorary Irish man, R Kells, takes the top spot. With a mere forty million views on YouTube its fair to say this is the most underrated track of all time.

List by Tony


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