Irish Governments meeting with the Troika – The Foreign View

Today, the 19th of January, was a significant day in the recent history of Ireland as the Irish Government met with members of the Troika and IMF to discuss failings in the now infamous bailout.

Head  of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, said that the Irish people had made a great sacrifices along the way, and that great determination has been shown so as to get some growth back into the economy.

With these generally positive tidings ringing in our ears and putting a spring in our step, CatMalojin approached some of our international colleagues to find out their general feeling about the bailout and if the positivity in the economy is justified. Here’s what we found out:

LVuitton Johnn


Twitter user LVuitton John, confidant of Patrick Honohan nonetheless, is clearly a bit disillusioned by Ireland’s economic recovery. He’s a bit jaded, seen it all before – He’s clearly convinced capitalism just doesn’t work, and is waiting for the day when society crumbles and regresses back to a trade and barter system.



On the other hand, Twitter user SquallyThuggin is incredulous that Lagarde could have the nerve to make such cheeky comments. He’s so incredulous in fact, that the only way he can express his feelings is through a captioned cartoon drawing of the rapper Drake. Easy knowing that Christine Lagarde never had to chase the crow for a feed, like Squally undoubtedly knows most Irish people had to at the worst of the recession.

It appears as if, internationally, the success of the Irish bailout is still very much up for debate.

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