Holly Carpenter Address The Issues

In the first of what will hopefully be a regular piece, CatMalojin gets answers to the hard questions, that we’ve all wanted to ask, from a public figure.

This week: Former Miss Ireland and current model with Assets Agency, the lovely Holly Carpenter…We know what you’re thinking and yeah – we can’t really believe it either! Holy Flippin’ Moses – Holly Carpenter!

There she is now. 

The Key Facts

Name: Holly Carpenter

Key Credentials: Miss Ireland 2011, Degree in Textiles from NCAD, 7th in 2013 Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, Drives a red car called Doris

Dogs Name: Molly

CM: We’ll get the obvious question out of the way first – Who, in your opinion, was the best carpenter – Jesus, Harrison Ford, or The Carpenters, the band? Do you practice any carpentry?

It’s a tough call between Jesus and Harrison Ford but I guess I’d have to go with the big man – Jesus. I did a little bit of woodwork in NCAD but that’s the height of it!

CM: What was competing in Miss World like? I imagine it being a little like a mart, but with beautiful women instead of beautiful cattle.

Miss World was a crazy experience. I spent three weeks surrounded by the most beautiful women I have ever seen. It was tough as we were constantly being judged on how we looked but we all knew what we were getting ourselves into. I made some lifelong friends and I’m still in touch with my old room mate Miss Israel among a few others.

CM: Were you a bit resentful that the Venezuelan woman won, considering Hugo Chavez’s dubious human rights record?

No, I was really happy for her. I’d love it if politics didn’t come into the pageant as much as it does but the media likes to focus on that side a lot. She was extremely beautiful and she knew that winning the pageant would change her life so she really wanted it.

CM: Is there more to being a model than being really, really ridiculously good looking?

I love the Zoolander reference! I find that the most important quality a model needs is confidence. I know a lot of ridiculously good looking women who lack in confidence and crumble in front of a camera. Modelling is very similar to acting. I’ve done shoots where I’ve been a bride, a mother and then shoots where I’ve had to look sexy and seductive. You need to be versatile, take on each role and own it

CM: Sure don’t I know. Tell us some juicy goss about someone famous.

We met Iggy Azalea while filming ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’ and she completely ignored me and the other girls and never spoke to us or introduced herself… I’m not sure if that will surprise people or not.

CM: On a not unrelated note, why do you think there has been so many pop songs about arses in the past year? Is society going down the tubes?

I blame Nicki Minaj. I’m kind of over it now but I suppose most of the time I prefer singing along to arse songs over depressing songs. No one can ever top Bootylicious by Destinys Child.

CM: Point taken. Going back to the modelling for a second – I can’t imagine it would be ideal for your career but, would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?

Ha, I actually have a really big head already. It’s happened a few times that hats haven’t fit my melon head on shoots. I’ll pick melon because then at least it’s something I’m used to.

CM: Ah don’t be saying that – sure you’re only fab! It’s a D-List Celebrity Death Match – Gerald Kean versus Bill Cullen – Who wins, and why?

1Forget McGregor and Aldo. Make this happen

Emmm I have no idea.. Leaning towards Bill Cullen for some unknown reason.

CM: Absolutely correct – It’s the massive shoulders. Who is cooler – Barack Obama or Pope Francis?

Barack Obama, because he supports the gay community.

CM: Boko Haram and ISIS – What’s the official message from Holly Carpenter to those fellas?

Make love not war.

CM: Word. Holly Carpenter, thank you.

Holly writes her own blog: – hollycarpenterblog.com – which is being relaunched in February, and covers food, beauty and fashion tips, which you would have to say is a much more viable idea for a blog than whatever it is that this blog does. Check it!

Interviewed by Paddy O’Brien


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