Cat Malojin Analyses The Major Spring/Summer 2015 trends

Women. We all love them. Some of us are them. And what do women love? Clothes. Hats, socks, mittens, britches – women love it all. With this in mind Cat Malojin have analysed the must have trends for the Spring/Summer 2015 season, as recommended by Vogue magazine, and very helpfully offer alternatives to these styles that won’t break the bank but will still ensure that you are the Belle of the Ball.


Vogue Says: The most American of textiles in more iterations (Dresses! Coats! Pants! Jumpsuits!) than you can shake a leg at; from dark wash to lace-up, bedazzled and more—it’s jean genius.

Cat Malojin Says: Don’t even think of performing maintenance on your car this year in anything other than these denim overalls. The high number of large pockets are suitable for housing all your tools, and the dark colour of the denim itself will lessen the impact of those inevitable oil stains, which are a girls worst nightmare.

Cat Malojins Bargain Alternative: I’m pretty sure I saw this in Tesco for about a fiver, so you can’t do much better than that.

Bohemian Evening

Vogue Says: Heading out into the night just got a lot more romantic thanks to the likes of Valentino, Dries Van Noten, and Vera Wang. Even designer Joseph Altuzarra loosened up his signature curvilinear silhouette for a softer, diaphanous look.

Cat Malojin Says: You have another thing coming if you think you’re heading out into the night in that, Missy.

Cat Malojins Bargain  Alternative: Cut holes for arms and head in a burlap sack, and wear as a dress. Roll around in the leaves and hey presto – The jobs a good ‘un!

Bold Red

Vogue Says: From the vibrant patent and matte red stripes at Louis Vuitton, to red-hot Comme des Garcons creations and the contrast of a flash of bright blue and red at Miu Miu, the fashion houses mirrored the effects of a striking red lipstick or perfectly manicured red nails, sending bold silhouettes down the runway for next season.

Cat Malojin Says: Ah yes, this one stirs fond memories for me. Mainly of the Pokemon Magmar. Who can forget his legendary battle with Charizard high atop the volcano of Cinnibar Island?

Cat Malojins Bargain Alternative: This piece by the label Jokers Masquerade is a fraction of the price, coming in at only £31.99. You can get the hair affect using steel wool, a series of pulleys, and a large tub of petroleum jelly, but sure you don’t need me to tell you that!!


Vogue Says: Referenced on both sides of the pond, the gridlock pattern has a history that includes American barn dance and French bombshell Brigitte Bardot who famously wore the tablecloth fabric on her wedding day. This season gingham covered everything from baja minidresses to mink fur coats.

Cat Malojin Says: Sorry, you’ve distracted me with that Brigitte Bardot gallery. Gingham? Ya fine whatever. Who cares?

Cat Malojins Bargain  Alternative: A tablecloth wedding dress is actually a great idea for the bride on a budget. Just wipe off any mustard stains before attempting to fashion your tablecloth into a dress.

The New Festival Girl

Vogue Says: Give your cutoff denim shorts a rest. From Saint Laurent to Gucci, Pucci, and Dior, the festival-bound next summer will have something new to celebrate: Stretches of printed chiffon and “stolen from my boyfriend’s band” jackets, lacy baby-doll dresses, relaxed-fit print trousers, and long flowing vests that practically guarantee your backstage access.

Cat Malojin Says: If she really did steal that jacket from her boyfriend, one can only assume that her boyfriend is a child of ten. I can’t endorse that, no matter how cool it may be.

Cat Malojin’s Bargain Alternative: The “Alan Jackson from the video for Chattahoochee” look, as seen below  – It’s pretty similiar to the above but cooler – incorporating a rather fetching, and more importantly functioning, life jacket, a cowboy hat, aviator shades, a mullet, slashed jeans and cowboy boots. Moustache optional…but preferable

Polka Dots

Vogue Says: A simple print which has retained its impact over the years, the polka dot burst joyously onto the runway this Fashion Week. Worn on everything from a slightly faded strapless mini at Marc by Marc Jacobs to a conceptual 3D design by Junya Watanabe, or dotted regularly across a Dolce & Gabbanna dress, the polka dot’s only condition is to be worn exclusively in black and white.

Cat Malojin Says: Waterproof for those north Italian winter evenings , black and white, and with a helmet guard to protect you from flying projectiles – Gentlemen, this is the ideal gift for the Juventus supporting lady in your life.

Cat Malojins Bargain Alternative: The bottom bit seems like a sheet of plastic you might get a load of kindling sticks in, so everyone should have no problem sourcing that. Cut off the large circles of fabric from your couch using various sized dinner plates and a Stanley knife – Don’t worry, it will totally be worth it – and apply to your plastic sheet with wood glue. Let it set, and while you’re waiting for it to dry have a sausage sandwich for yourself – you haven’t had one in a long time and you’ve forgotten how tasty they are. A plastic salad mixing bowl, glue and an A3 page will do for the head-piece. Get someone to punch you in the left eye, and apply Sudocrem. Now you’re ready to hit the Stadio Della Alpi with the rest of your girlfriends!

And the Bride Wore

Vogue Says: For anyone in the midst of wedding planning, the spring 2015 collections were brimming with fresh and new bridal ideas. The look of white lace was reimagined in beautiful ways, from thigh-grazing minidresses at Louis Vuitton and Chloe​ to a modern spin on Victoriana at Erdem.

Cat Malojin Says: Not ideal for Irish weather….

Cat Malojins Bargain Alternative: Just get a net curtain, and wrap it around you with some twine or something. Match it up with a pair of steel cap boots like the model above. Job done – You’re well on the way to your dream wedding. Best of look to the lovely couple now, and in the future.


Vogue Says: This season saw an intriguing combination of influences from Roy Lichtenstein, one of the world’s leading pop-artists, Mondrian and Sonia Delaunay. With circle motifs, bright colors and bold, intersecting stripes the collections were a truly vibrant display. From Junya Watanabe’s statement skirts, to Loewe’s paneled dress and Dries Van Noten’s playful layering, it’s clear pop-art is no longer brighter colors and bold, intersecting stripes – the collections were a truly vibrant display.

Cat Malojin Says: Phwoar!! Now we’re talking! Gentlemen prefer blondes and its easy to see why. I particularly like the shoulder guards which are presumably great for dundering into bucks that you don’t like.

Cat Malojin Bargain Alternative: The good people over have SewWoodsy have outlined a step by step guide as to how to achieve this exact look…..

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