Cars go VROOM! – Countdown of the Top 5 motors of all time

You wouldn’t think it, but here at Cat Malojin we’re big motorheads. The use of the term  motorhead instead of car-enthusiast just there should be a indication of just how enthusiastic we are about cars. So here’s the countdown of our favourite 5 cars. If you don’t own any of the following motors, you are a fool – We both own all 5.

In not unrelated news we’ve had to recently take out our 5th mortgage on this blog.


Almost immediately we’re bending the rules slightly as this isn’t a car per se, however, surely this is the future of transportation? Just imagine the day when you walk in to work late – Boss: You’re late! CM: My jetpack broke down Sir Alan. LOL.

4 – PopeMobile


Just look at that spec – Boys a boys! Of course, the Popemobile is the car that all young boys fantasize about driving once they grow up and its no wonder. Just look at that 9.24 foot wheelbase, and blinging gold trim. I’ve heard that Pope Francis is so cool that he welded up the doors, so he can only enter it through the window Dukes of Hazard style and also that he takes it out every evening to do donuts and handbrake turns in St. Peters Square, whilst listening to Warren G.

3 – CITROEN ds

$ÕXA thing of sheer beauty! For me, this car is dawdling through the streets of nineteen-seventies Paris, drunk off your face from that Red Châteauneuf-du-Pape and smoking cigarette after cigarette with one of your provocative mistresses. Life is simple in this beautiful Citroen.

2 – 1995 2-door convertible Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.8 XR3i

You’re bringing your friends Robert Goulet, Larry Hagman and George Kennedy on a spin to the beach for 99s and to pick up fly gurls – its imperative that you arrive in comfort and in style. Which of your many motors do you choose? Well, with its faux leatherette interior and luxury polypropylene dashboard, the 1995 convertible Ford Escort is always our choice. Stick your Billy Joel cassette into the tape deck, strap yourself in, put your foot to the pedal until you reach the top speed of 55 mph, and feel the G’s.

1 – Lotus esprit – submarine car


Of course, this is the car from The Spy Who Loved Me. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Sir Roger Moore in November 2013, and asked him about this car. Here’s what he said:

“Ya boi, cheers for asking! That was actually my wagon you know – I brought it to my man X-Zibit at West Coast Customs. He axed me “Yo Rodge, what you into dawg?” I say “Homeslice, you knows I love those mermaid chicks, SELECTA!” So what does X do but turn my Lotus Esprit into a sub! Wiggy cool! Of course the car made it into the movie afterwards, but I traded it in for a Honda Civic with a sick body kit and sub-woofers the day after the film was released.”


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