The most dramatic moments of the last day of 2015 Six Nations

Last Saturday, the 2015 6 Nations ended, and it was honestly one of the most exciting and dramatic days of sport that I can remember watching – it had it all, including, most importantly, an Irish victory. Anyways, out of countless memorable incidents here are our Top 5 dramatic moments that occurred on that fateful day. If you can’t remember them all it’s because you were drunk. Actually I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You have a real problem.

Noa Nakaitaci’s Try

When Noa Nakaitaci was trotting over the goal line, most people couldn’t believe the comeback and decent showing that France were making, but it would be too straight-forward for a French man to do anything in a conventional way, so naturally he decided to leave it until the last possible moment to ground the ball. Did he mean it? Well all I know is that Nakaitaci parked his Citroen parked behind that goals before the match, in full expectation of scoring a try and getting a handy ride back to his own half, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Scotland’s Monstrous Defence


Ireland fully expected Scotland to mount a fierce defence, but could never have expected Scotch coach Vern Cotter to give a debut to Power Rangers monster, Eye Guy. Unfortunately for Scotland, Eye Guy was bested by his opposite number Paul O’Connell in attack and defence. He never got a chance to utilise his energy beam vision and in truth his counter-rucking was disappointing. After been hauled off after 45 minutes, an inconsolable Eye Guy went straight to the dressing rooms where he apparently cried his eyes out, and flooded the dressing room to a depth of 7mm.

Italys Last Minute Try


Pope Francis had seen enough. Wales were tearing his beloved Italian boys a new one, so he took matters into his own hands and subbed himself in for an effective Luke McLean with 10 minutes to go. As a 78 year old fella, no one could have expected him to bringeth the smacketh down too much, but bringeth the smacketh down he did, as he repeatedly dundered through the middle of the Wales defence and dived over in the corner in the 79th minute to score the try that eventually handed the title to Ireland. Holy shmokes!

England’s Full Back Reveals His True Form


Was it a surprise that Mike Browns human skin fell off mid match to reveal that he’s actually a lizard person? Not really. Did it make good television? Not really either but, considering that 93% of BBC shows feature people either buying houses or selling old plates, it was at least a bit more interesting than the usual fare.

RTE’s Great Will They/Won’t They is Finally Resolved


In what was George Hook’s last 6 Nations weekend, pre-match the same question was on everyone’s lips – Would he and Popey finally get together? We’ve watched them for 15 years, through their ups and downs, their trials and tribulations, falling in and out of love, but always hoping, nay wishing, that they’d work it out and live happily ever after. So it was really quite beautiful to see them finally express their love for each other. What wasn’t beautiful however, was the sordid carry on they got up to immediately afterwards on Tom McGurk’s desk, which really shouldn’t have been shown before the watershed.



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