Answer Time with Cat Malojin

Questions, We all have them. Up to now there has been nowhere on the internet that will answer those nagging, stupid questions you sometimes get. Until now.

In what we plan will become a regular feature, we ask industry experts to settle arguments that we have about that industry. And as pretty normal chaps we trust that these are the questions that most people have had at some stage.  It’s essentially a rip off of Ray D’arcys feature Fix it Friday, the only difference being that we ask questions that matter to normal people.



Results: Inconclusive, apart maybe from the fact that King Crab doesn’t know how alcohol works.

York / New York…


Results: New York does not pay royalties to York for name usage! A very juicy exclusive for Cat Malojin!

Armitage Shanks vs Shires…


Results: Shires fanboys can fuggedaboutit (Forget about it). Not a very surprising result for anyone who has skived off work by playing their Gameboy on the toilet for half an hour.


Results: Alexa says cauliflowers are vegetables, but then again that’s what anyone who was hiding something would say. Colour me unconvinced…



Results: I fucken knew it! Christ, I love rope! Don’t ask me about knots though, I don’t know or care about knots.


Anyways, I’m sure everyone is a little less stupider for reading this post. If you have any questions you would like to get addressed feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you out!



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