Things To Do In Leitrim

A few months ago with did a post celebrating the varied historical past of County Leitrim. The Leitrim Tourism Corporation was so impressed with it, they asked if we could do something similiar, but for modern sights and attractions within Leitrim, in an effort to bring in new visitors to the area. Well, we were only too happy to help. Here are some of the very best tourist attractions within County Leitrim.

Manorhamilton Agricultural & Fashion Show


On the last weekend of July every year, the Bee Park in Manorhamilton is host to the worlds premier agricultural and fashion show. No one knows how the tradition began but all the biggest labels, and models, flock to the town in a, usually futile, effort to win the approval of the local farming community. It’s true what the people say – this really is the premier Haute Couture/Agricultural event in the North Leitrim social calendar.

Drumshanbo Opera House


When Drumshanbo was awarded the rights to host the 1988 Lute World Championships, they decided to build a venue, of suitable grandeur, for the competition. The powers that be decided to straight up copy the blueprints of the Sydney Opera House, but failed to take into account that as the Sydney Opera House is in the Southern Hemisphere all the blueprints were also upside down. Bloody Australians.

The World’s Tallest Heifer, Dromahaire


Girl Aphrodite is the name of the heifer that guards the entrance of Parkes Castle, in Dromahaire. Little is known of her origins, but it is thought that she can do basic arithmetic, yet struggles with long division. Be under no illusion though, Girl Aphrodite is strictly in control of access to the castle and the nearby pleasure boat, so you’ll have to earn her respect before you can visit to either of these top, top attractions.

Leitrim County Council’s Head Office


It was a sad day for the world in 1941 when, in the midst of World War 2, Russia was robbed off its 8th Wonder of the World – The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace in St Petersburg, which has, unfortunately, been missing ever since. However, it was a happier day for the people of Leitrim in 1942 when the county council, in a completely unrelated incident, acquired a total and complete Amber Room on the cheap, from a passing German merchant. This amber room was re-assembled and converted into the head offices of Leitrim County Council, where it is to this day.

Shopping, For Her


No doubt, at the moment you’re very impressed by all Leitrim has to offer, but you’re wondering to yourself if there are any attractions for the woman in your life. Well, worry no more. Leitrim is a shopping heaven, and is home to over 23 Masonite retail outlets, including the flagship store on Main Street Avenue, Drumsna, pictured above, so she can spend all your hard earned dosh on everything from interior doors to patio doors.

Pairc Sean MacDiarmada


Pairc Sean MacDiarmada is the largest stadium in the world, and can hold over 400,000 people, which is over 13 times the population of the county. Strangely, there is only one stand in the stadium, for the pitch is built on an oxbow lake, which restricts construction on the remaining three sides. It is also the only GAA stadium with its own lighthouse and submarine base.



For reasons I’m sure we all know, every single person from Carrigallen lives in gigantic toadstools. Pictured above is a local mowing his front lawn. While it may seem odd to visitors for people to live in toadsools, the locals highlight the high level of Vitamin D  freely available to them, in the very walls of their homes.

The Dromod Death Race


Every Sunday morning, at around 10.25, the womenfolk of Dromod Village race each other, in their souped up stock cars, to get the good seats at mass (Near the radiator, A bit up the church, but not too far up the church). There is absolutely no love lost in this heated contest, and many thousands of people have lost their lives. But it makes great viewing.

Euro Sister Act 2 Land, Mohill


On the banks of lovely Lough Rynn, just outside Mohill town lies Irelands largest theme park: Euro Sister Act 2 Land. It’s the perfect place to take the children for the day, and they can meet all their favourite characters from Sister Mary Clarence to that mean old Reverend Mother. This 5 star resort is also where Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman wed.

St Patrick’s Day, Fenagh


St Patrick’s Day. Is there any other day of the year in which everyone is happy to be a little bit green?! Fenagh Village, in South Leitrim, is home to the worlds largest Malaysian community (even bigger than any community within Malaysia itself), and they love to bring a bit of colour to the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Be warned though, they hate Ireland and everything it stands for, and are very prone to getting violent. May be worth bearing in mind if you do plan to attend.

The Kinlough Heads


It was rather surprising when, on the eve of the Iraq War, all the residents of Kinlough gathered around Saddam Hussein’s cause, and erected gigantic three statues of his likeness behind the local Post Office. It was thus very embarrassing for the townsfolk when he failed to win the war. To this day any Kinlough resident will insist that the statues aren’t of Hussein at all, but rather of Burt Reynolds, in honour of his performance as Congressman David Dilbeck in Striptease.

The Leaning Housing Estate of Drumkeeran


The Leaning Housing Estate of Drumkeeran is a relatively new addition to this list. Unlike the more famous Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy, the Leaning Housing Estate of Drumkeeran doesn’t lean for want of proper foundations. Rather, the builders erroneously constructed the houses with highly magnetic material, with the overall effect that it is leaning towards the North Pole a little bit more every year.


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