Rhiannon Fish Addresses The Issues


In the second of our wildly successful Addresses the Issues series, we are delighted to interview Australian actress Rhiannon Fish, about her career so far and plans for the future, and much more besides. Rhiannon is perhaps best known for playing April in Home and Away.

Hello Rhiannon! You wouldn’t believe just how many fans you gained in Ireland playing April on Home and Away.

Irish fans are the best in the world! We had the pleasure of visiting late last year and I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of love and support.

What was the whole experience of working on Home and Away like? 


Looking back on my time at Home and Away, I can confidently say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Every single day, I got to wake up do what I love. I also had the privilege of working with a cast and crew who I absolutely adored. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s Ray Meagher (Alf) like in real life?! Do you think Alf would beat Harold Bishop in a fight?

Ray is every bit the legend you’d expect him to be. Not only professional but a true gentleman and a beautiful soul.

Having worked on both Home and Away and Neighbors, my money would be on Alf for sure!

Make it happen 

Why did you decide to leave? Was it just a matter of it running its course? 

I have mixed feelings about leaving the show. It became such a safe place for me, I found it really difficult to leave. However, life is all about taking risks, so I think after 3 years, it was time to try my luck overseas.

April got a much happier ending than most of the other young characters that leave the show at a similar age, who tend to have some sort of unlikely downfall, such as falling into an abandoned mineshaft, or eating poisonous mushrooms.  That must have been nice!

I’m glad the way things ended for Dex and April. After everything they’d been through, I think they deserved to live happily ever after.

I’m only aware of the existence of three dances: The Cha Cha Slide, The Macarena and the Cutting the Grass. So how hard was it to come up with new moves every week on Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing with the Stars was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Every week I had a break down and was convinced that I couldn’t do it!! I learnt a lot about myself though. I learned that with enough hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Its basically summer all year round in Australia. What you consider to be a storm would be considered a light drizzle in Ireland. Thus, for all our female readers, can you advise on this years must have summer style? I’m thinking dungarees and bumbags are due a comeback.

I love Maxi dresses, they are absolutely perfect for summer. I never wear them though because I feel like I’m way too small. Haha Samara Weaving (Indi) definitely knows how to wear one though!

I’m going to ask for advice for men if you don’t mind. Like all men I know I have only 2 tactics when it comes to wooing a girl – 1. Serenading them on a balcony with my sweet lute music, or 2. Smoulder in the corner of the bar and ignore them for a few hours while you work up courage with hard liquor, and eventually make a clumsy drunken move. 

But is there literally any other thing a man can do to impress a woman?

I think honesty is the best policy. If you’re interested in a girl, tell her!! What’s the worst that can happen? Also, just be a nice person, that goes such a long way.

A sense of humor is also super important. I would pick a guy that makes me laugh over anyone else, hands down.

Well thats curtains for me then. What are the top three favourite fruit?…At this point it’s probably very evident that I’m not very good at interviews.

Unfortunately I don’t eat much fruit anymore! My personal trainer has me on a low carb, high protein diet which ruled out a lot of things. But my favorites are apples, watermelon and all berries.

What’s the plans for the future? Any plans to try to break into Hollywood? 

I’m currently living in Los Angeles, working my little ass off! Running around to auditions and acting classes so hopefully with a little luck, I’ll book something eventually.

Best of luck with it all, it’ll be no problem to you!


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