The Marriage Referendum: A Twitter Odyssey


Now that the population of Ireland has safely approved the marriage referendum, it’s time to bring to light the brave but ultimately futile crusade our favourite Irish politician – Dermot ‘President’ Mulqueen – completed over the past few months to ensure that the NO side won. I think you’ll agree that this is the man the NO side should have got to spearhead their campaign instead of Breda O’Brien or Ger Brennan…

We’ve briefly mentioned our love for the antics of Dermot ‘President’ Mulqueen in the past, but it’s high time we gave him a dedicated post. For those that don’t know him, in the last presidential election, Mulqueen sought the nomination, but couldn’t obtain the approval of enough county councils to be included on the ticket. This despite the fact that a known terrorist, a Eurovision winner and a man who was basically a gigantic thumb were all deemed suitable for the role. Mulqueen’s policies included building a new capital called Eriu on a green field site outside Moate and declaring war on both fructose and wifi.

At this point I’m sure a lot people are thinking to themselves, ‘Ah, what a funny jape ladz, but you’ve clearly made this guy up.’ Well, we have not – here is a link to an incident in Ennis in January of this year in which he was arrested for putting an axe through a TV in the middle of the town, as part of a Holocaust denial conceptual art project.

Anyways, onto the marriage referendum:

President Mulqueen first expressed his opinion on gay marriage in February, and while not best pleased about the subject, seemed more than happy with the prospect of a referendum…


And he must have been very certain of a no vote in April, as his (presumably unverified) opinion poll showed a decisive victory for the No side…


Just why was El Presidente so against gay marriage? Simple horticulture…


If that left you confused, he tried to clear up matters a few days later…


He soon put his money where is mouth is and even went to the trouble of getting a sign made professionally…


Wondering what the square wheel he refers to is all about? Well, a few days later Mulqueen explained it in terms that even a moron could comprehend…


He even wrote a grunge style song about the square wheel, which I plead with people to listen to. Its amazing.

However at the exact same time that he was warning us about the Homosexual Torturista Uber Class, they were out in the streets defacing his fine poster. The first signs of some opposition to his campaign, which until this point was a runaway freight train. Disaster for Mr. President!


Anyways,  the vote went ahead on the 22nd of May and, as we all know, the YES side triumphed in the referendum.

President Mulqueen, ever magnanimous even in defeat, and in a manner befitting of any president, offered his sincerest congratulations to the winning side…

8 9

But did Ireland pay too great a cost for the YES victory? It would appear so….


His thoughts on the result of the South Leitrim/Roscommon constituency differed slightly from that of Paddy McKenna’s think-piece…


He soon discovered the true cause of the YES victory…


So what now for Mulqueen? Well, fortunately he’s not a bitter man, and has found a new worthwhile cause to pursue, for the good of the nation, as his latest tweets show…


Dermot ‘President’ Mulqueen – He’s the hero Ireland deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. You shan’t be disappointed.


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