Exclusive Extracts from Grey by EL James

We were recently approached by Penguin Random House to publish exclusive extracts from the latest entry of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, titled Grey, on the blog. Initially we were reluctant, but upon realising how pathetically threadbare the books section on the website is, we relented.

I must admit that I know very little about the whole 50 Shades thing, and had serious reservations about the literary merit of this book, mainly from reputation of its predecessors. However from the little I have read, I can honestly say that this new book is commendably gritty and realistic. I hope you’ll agree.

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Eurovision 2015 – Our 5 Favourite Entries

That ultimate test of song writing ability, the Eurovision Song Contest, is taking place in Austria this week. We dunno, it may be just us, but it seems as if in recent years some countries haven’t been taking the Eurovision very seriously (I’m looking at you Azerbaijan) and instead send the first deviant that they find on the street. As the Eurovision isn’t like most other competitions, this tactic is often very successful.

There’s none of that this year however, as it looks like a vintage renewal, with zero gimmicks for the first time in ages. Here are 5 of our favourite entries, all of whom you can be sure, will be vying for the top honour on Saturday night.

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My unsuccessful attempt to get my debut novel published

People that know me will know that I am a big fan of literature; in particular the Goosebumps series of novels by R.L. Stine. After seeing the financial success of 50 Shades of Grey, I thought to myself that I may like a piece of that action, so I started writing my own novel. But what to write about?

I quickly realised that to ensure financial success, ideally my novel would somehow leech off the success of others, whilst at the same time presenting the opportunity to start a franchise. That’s when I discovered that copyright on works over 100 years old has usually expired, and as such anyone is free to do honour/exploit them however he sees fit. Soon, I had settled on the title of my novel: Wuthering Heights 2 – Lost in Las Vegas.

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The Book Report

Welcome the Catmalojin’s first Book Report. You can feel the excitement too, right? Keen readers with interests ranging from Arctic Exploration to Insider Trading, Cat Malojin’s vast collection of second hand, scrunched up paper back books have inspired not only this blog thingamajig but also an extraordinary adventure to the South Pole. The South Pole you say….

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Catmalojin’s Top 5 Jukebox Toonz

There’s nothing like the pressure felt immediately after putting €2 into the jukebox of even a sparsely crowded pub. Unfortunately you soon find out that this jukebox doesnt have the latest Reggae song from the streets of Jamaica that you wanted to put on. You start sweating. ‘Do I know any good songs at all?’, you ask yourself. It turns out you don’t. Luckily CatMalojin are here to help you out, with out with our top 5 tracks guaranteed to get any party started*

* Not a guarantee

5. Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee

I give you country superstar and style icon, Alan Jackson. The man can do no wrong and this is an absolute choon. The only downside to playing this in pubs is you won’t get to witness the video. However I feel his trademark mullet, cowboy hat, moustache, life jacket, slashed jeans and cowboy boots combo is on the verge of making a big comeback. Enjoy.

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