The Cat Malojin Guide to Mens Health Week

This week is Mens Health Week, which ranks way below Shark Week but slightly above Holy Week in terms of my favourite annual weeks. But lets face it – the human body is the best friend you have and it’s vital that you look after it, dingus. Here are some easy tips to help you stay in tip top shape.

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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I believe it was the thespian Adam West, in his role as Batman in the 1968 feature film of the same name, who said “Of what use is a dream if not blueprints for a courageous action”. A noble sentiment for sure, but the problem with blueprints is sometimes they are very difficult to understand, even for an engineer (albeit, a very poor one) like myself.

On that premise, I approached the largest dream company in the UK to see if they could make sense of my nightly brain farts, and advise me on the best course of action.

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A Guide to Mens Summer Fashion with Gerald Kean

It really and truly is summer now, with the country basking in beautiful weather these past few days. Of course, this means that this is the time of the year when young people go on their holidays to the beach and festivals, or wherever else it is that whippersnappers go to nowadays. Of course it can often be very difficult to decide what to wear to these events – you have to decide between functionality and style.

Luckily, we are delighted to announce that Ireland’s best dressed celebrity lawyer, Gerald Kean, has put together his key tips for getting through this potentially treacherous process with your dignity intact. Take it away Gerald!

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Ranking the tracks on Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64

I’m pretty sure this post will be of zero interest to about 99.9% of people who read this blog regularly, but as its one of only three video games I play even semi regularly, its probably going to be the only post about video games we ever do. Anyways here are the 16 tracks in Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 ranked.

I am not a nerd.

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The 5 Sexiest Women of 15 (The 15th Century)

FHM published their annual list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World this week, and as per usual, I was surprised by how many UK based soap stars made it in, in comparison to, say, sultry Venezuelan nurses. Another bugbear of mine is that these type of lists are a relatively new phenomena and only celebrate women that are currently in the fullness of health – they never praise the beautiful women who have the bad luck to have died hundred of years ago. We’re here today to right that wrong. Here are the 5 sexiest women from the Middle Ages.

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The 5 Most Impressive Homes in Ireland

When Vincent Browne recently traipsed onto Brian O’Donnell’s Gorse Hill house in Killiney, it got Cat Malojin thinking – OK, sure this house is a shit-hole, but are all homes as bog standard as this one? With that tedious question in our heads, we conducted weeks of scientific research, and so we can now present to you the 5 Nicest Houses in Ireland. Continue reading “The 5 Most Impressive Homes in Ireland”